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We invite you to experience the Amazon in a different way.

Our private cruises serve scripts for a Day use, and overnight stays from 01 night to 07 nights. Choose one of our yachts, and enjoy a different Amazonian experience, combining luxury and harmony with nature.

We invite you to experience the Amazon in a different way: Contemplating the sunrise in one place, and another time, enjoy an Amazon barbecue on the banks of a river beach. Likes the late afternoon, watching the sunset on another bank of the river as you navigate through the dark waters of the Rio Negro or the muddy waters of the Solimões River. The private cruise is the perfect combination for a family vacation or business trip.

Discover our itineraries of boat expeditions with private departures


- 3 days & 2 nights -


- 4 days & 3 nights -

Pink Dolphin

- 6 days & 5 nights -


- 6 days & 5 nights -


- 8 days & 7 nights -

Our services with receptive service cover the city of Manaus on tours with the following characteristics:

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