Day Tours

All of our Day Tours services are carried out privately, according to the number of passengers.

We are able to operate our services in Vans (10 seats), minibuses (22-28 seats) and buses (44-46 seats), all new equipment and with bilingual service in the languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Standard services


Transfer made in new vehicles (Van, Minibus, bus) with guide from the airport / to hotel or airport.

City Tour

Tour through the city of Manaus including visit to the main points of tourist interest in the city: Teatro Amazonas (guided tour), Municipal Market, Manaus historic center. The drop off can be at the hotel or airport.

Meeting of the Waters

River trip to visit the famous meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers. Visit to the Janauary Ecological Park, walk along the suspended trails and contemplate the lake of Vitória-Régias. Buffet style lunch - based on Amazonian cuisine. River trip through Igapós (flooded forest)

Note: When the lakes dry out, due to the ebb period, the motorized canoe ride is replaced by a jungle walk, in the same region.

Private tours (Differentiated)

This itinerary is indicated for those who do not give up knowing the best points of tourist interest in Manaus with a strategic break to taste the best of Amazonian cuisine.

The tour includes a visit to the following places:

Note: Visiting fees to Teatro Amazonas and Museu do Índio (included). Lunch will be held in restaurants that have a partnership with Maia Expeditions.

Lunch includes: meat or fish option (drinks and dessert – not included).

A full day should be reserved for this tour, considering that the itinerary involves visiting the main historical points of Manaus, as well as visiting the National Institute of Research in the Amazon.

The tour includes a visit to the following places:

Do you want to know the nightlife in the most interesting points of the city?

Manaus By Night is ideal, including a strategic visit in the upscale neighborhood of the city, overlooking the Negro River and the concentration of bars and kiosks for drinks and regional appetizers.

The strong point of this tour is the folkloric presentation of Bumbás, a mix of dances and tales of Amazonian legends represented by the regional ballet of Garantido and Caprichoso, to the sound of “Toadas Amazônica” with all the swing and choreography of a specialized dance group.

Dinner: Served while the show takes place, with the best of national and regional cuisine.

Tip: Light clothes and comfortable shoes, because the sound of the drumming of the bumbás is guaranteed to be contagious, and everyone is invited to take care of passinho two there and two here.

After picking up at the hotel, we continue on the BR-174 to the city of Presidente Figueredo, along the way we will stop and an ecological walk will take us to the waterfall of the Sanctuary, one of the beautiful in the region.

The tour follows the main waterfalls of Figueiredo:

After a day of relaxation and a dip in the cold waters of the Figueiredo waterfalls, return to Manaus.


The Meeting of the Waters is one of the most popular destinations for those visiting Manaus, however, many visitors seek river trips associated with another activity: Fishing for piranhas.

This tour will take all day, considering that we are visiting the main points of interest along the Negro and Solimões rivers:


Departure from Manaus to the ecological trails where the Jungle Walk tour will take place. In the opportunity, our guide will explain about the biodiversity of Amazonian fauna and flora, including native trees, medicinal plants and local culture. Break for an Amazonian style lunch – in the jungle. Afterwards, a motorized canoe ride through the Igarapés and Igapós region, ending with a piranha fishing.

This tour was specially designed for those who want to escape the regional tours in the vicinity of Manaus. The Anavilhanas Archipelago, on the Negro River, presents a unique setting and offers countless possibilities for sensations, experiences and learning, it is a maze of islands (about 400 combined islands) and mirrored black waters that changes with the variation of the river level . It’s worth it, it’s a beautiful path to discover upstream.

What the tour includes:

If you want to get to know the Amazon and don’t have enough time to stay in a jungle hotel or venture out on a river cruise, how about enjoying a whole day on your own Amazon Safari? Private? Thinking of our visitors who have only one day to experience Amazonian experiences, we have put together the best tours in a 12-hour Safari.

The itinerary contemplates:

How about an evening stroll to catch a glimpse of the jungle’s nightlife and focus on the famous alligators of the Amazon? This tour is suitable for those who want to enjoy the late afternoon sailing in the vicinity of Manaus, enjoy a night tour.

This tour includes:
This tour contemplates the region of Lake Tarumã, little explored by traditional tourism, however it keeps special routes, as an example: Visit to the island of Macacos, where we find the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center of Wild Animals, known as “Forest of the Monkeys”, created in 1991 with the intention of receiving animals confiscated from the illegal trade and with the help of Organs Municipal Environment and Sustainability bodies of the region. Here, the animals are initially quarantined to be evaluated and treated by veterinarians and biologists. The place has a special trail, where we will take our tour, where it is possible to film and photograph these animals in a totally natural and safe environment.

This tour includes:
How about getting to know Ariaú, admiring the beauty of the lakes covered by the wild forest and swimming with the dolphins in the dark waters of the Negro River? After boarding a regional motorized motorboat, we continue upstream for a day of adventure and leisure.

The tour includes:
This itinerary is suitable for those who escape the routine of tours in the city of Manaus. Novo Airão is far from the city and the land trip to the municipality, reserves natural beauty and the splendor of the famous Archipelago of Fluvial Islands: Anavilhanas. The small town is well known for the work of riverside and caboclo artisans, with fibers, remnants of naval wood and natural paints extracted from nature.

The itinerary includes:

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