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Base camp it is typical house of solimoes river (floating house) Amazônia way of leaving. Very nice river view. The Base Camp is located on the Margin of the Tracaja lake, about 90 km south east of Manaus.

A casa flutuante - nosso acampamento base na selva
The floating house - our base camp in the jungle

The Localization - How we get there

Arrival from Manaus takes approximately 3:h40 minutes of traveling done in three parts. The first part of the journey is twenty minute trip from the river port (“Ceasa to Careiro”) them by speedboat, where you will have the opportunity to see the meeting of the Negro and Solimões Rivers (meeting of the waters). The point where the Amazon River begins. This is a perfect opportunity to experience the grandeur of both rivers, and take photos of the distinct line formed by the two as they run side by side not mixing for many kilometers.

Next is a forty-minute ride down the Manaus-Porto Velho highway by car, where you will have the chance to see many exotic flora and fauna, such as kingfishers, egrets, jacaré (alligators) and water lilies. The final part, which takes around 50 minutes, is by boat traveling on the Mamori River until our final destination.

This adventure Expedition is for the people that is looking for an amazon adventure  experience. On this trip, guests will learn  about the Amazon Rainforest, culture, wildlife and biodiversity, and our native guides will show you and teach you all the amazon ways of survival in the jungle.

The packages

Amazon Trekking Expeditions

- 6/7/10 days & 5/6/9 nights -

Canoeing & Camping Expeditions

- 3/4/5 days & 2/3/4 nights -

Survival Mamori

- 6 days & 5 nights -

What is included

What is not included

What to bring in the backpack

We recommend a medium Backpack, which will be used during your jungle adventure, with the following items:

Travel insurance

Passport, vaccinations and health report

We will need copies of the picture page of your passport and vaccination cards. Recommended that you take the yellow fever shot and bring medications for any existing previous conditions you may have. I am personally against taking the malaria pill, and there is no proof of its effectiveness.

The side effects can also be greater than the symptoms sometimes, and there are very few cases detected in a single year, but it this is ultimately your choice. Please let us know of any existing conditions you may have that we should be aware of, such as allergies, diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems. We will keep this information confidential.

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