Amazon Sport Fishing

Our Fishing Packages are operated in the Mamorí river region with lodging at the jungle hotel: Amazon Turtle Lodge.

The jungle hotel has a rustic architecture with fine finishes, has its main construction in wood and covered with babassu straw, balconies overlooking the lake and the forest, with masonry bathrooms.

The Amazon Turtle Lodge is located 100 km south of Manaus in a secluded region and surrounded by lakes, among these we can highlight: Tracajá lake, Juma lake and Piranha lake.

For the sport fishing packages, we offer 8 suites equipped with air conditioning, balcony, and private bathroom. The doors and windows are equipped with mosquito net.

The official period of the sports fishery begins in the last week of August, extending until the end of November.

It is important to mention that the fishing technique used during the fishing season is professional and responsible, fishing and loose, in the period and region duly authorized by the competent authorities: municipal, state and federal, obeying the limits of the period imposed by the Defeso.

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Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Repellent, Hat or cap, Comfortable clothing suitable for fishing, Tennis and sandals, Raincoat, Small backpack to carry personal belongings with you during fishing, Any equipment that provides comfort during your fishing.

* Defeso is the period in which the activities of hunting, collecting, sports fishing and commercial are vetoed or controlled. This period is established according to the time when the animals reproduce in nature.

How about fishing with your partner?

Have you thought about inviting your partner to venture into the Amazon in search of the river giants? We organize Private Fishing Package from two people, and we offer an exclusive bungalow with a private area, King-size bed, air conditioning, and electric shower, with the facility of being able to make small meals in your bungalow with privacy and exclusivity.

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