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Pink Dolphin Expedition

6 days & 5 nights

Differential of this itinerary

This boat expedition includes: Meeting of the Waters, visit water lilies lake, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, and jungle trekking, explore Cuieiras river, visit Arara community, Visit Novo Airão (a city located around Negro river) observe the dolphins, canoe tour, camp in the jungle, bird watching and visit Anavilhanas Archipelago.

08:30 a.m. Pick up at the hotel or airport and direct transfer to our boat.

The journey begins with navigation down the river, passing in front of the city of Manaus, where it is possible to contemplate a panoramic view of the river, historical monuments, such as: The Amazonas Theater, the Municipal Market, the famous pre-molded building of the Customs House, and the of regional boats anchored in the floating port, coming from several riverside cities throughout the state of Amazonas.

Navigating towards the "Meeting of the Waters" (Rio Negro and Rio Solimões) we will contemplate the famous meeting of these two rivers that run parallel for about 6 km, until their waters, with different densities and temperatures, finally mix and form the river Amazon, of muddy and turbid waters.

The trip follows the flow of the river, to then explore the Catalão community, famous for housing around 30 families who live in houseboats. It is interesting to observe how the course of the waters maps the culture, beliefs and customs of the riverside caboclo. This part of the route provides travelers with beautiful landscapes and often encounters with groups of dolphins, fishing in groups, and groups of herons that fly over the same region, attracted by the rich concentration of fish in that region.

Visit to the Janauary Ecological Park and Vitória Lake - Régias -  Lunch on board. And soon after, the journey continues upriver, heading to an indigenous community.

Tatuyo Indians: Everyone will be received by the leader of the community, who will present a summary of their main indigenous rituals, demonstrating their culture and family tradition through art. Soon after, the trip continues upriver - Dinner will be on board.

And do you know what our suggestion is for your first night?
Relax and experience the freshness of the Amazonian night.

06:00 a.m. After a delicious and reinforced Amazonian coffee, it's time to take the "road" of the jungle, and go on a trek with specialized guides, in the community of Rio Negro: Arara. During the walk in the jungle, adventurers will obtain information about local biodiversity, involving the Amazonian fauna and flora, including the various medicinal plants. Afterwards, return to the boat for lunch – Free time for a “Siesta” or enjoy a dip in the river.

In the afternoon, departure in motorized canoes to explore the small river courses (Igarapés) and explore the unique beauties of the famous Anavilhanas Archipelago, which with more than 400 islands, presents a unique scenario and offers countless possibilities of sensations, experiences and learning.

Get ready to explore a labyrinth of islands and black waters, which change as the river level changes, in an invitation to challenge our limits and expand our worldview. On the way back to the boat, it's time to contemplate the most beautiful Amazonian sunset - Dinner on board, and soon after - a fun tour to observe nocturnal animals, listen to the sound of the jungle and who knows... focus on alligators on the banks From Rio. Return to the boat for a well-deserved rest, and prepare the adventurous spirit for the next few days.


Breakfast and Departure to Cuieiras River (arrive around 05:00 p.m.).

Dinner and overnight in the jungle (camp out from boat in jungle camp, this is up to your choice).


The forth day of your adventure begins with an early morning jungle trek where you will have the opportunity to observe and listen to Amazon fauna as it awakes with the sun.  Lunch on board. In the afternoon the group will have paddling expeditions in a dugout canoe, where everyone will try to paddle in Cuieiras River.  With this kind of canoe you will have more of a chance to see the birds and other animals due to the quieter, more tranquil method of transportation.

Dinner and afterwards a canoe trip to see the nocturnal life of the rainforest (90% of all animal species within the rainforest are active during the night).

Contemplação da fauna amazônica

Breakfast and departure to the city of Novo Airão. The group will visit the town (church and schools) and after they will have a chance to contemplate the dolphins while they are n their natural habitat. This area is where small groups of biologist some people from the community study the dolphin’s habits. It is interesting to observe the relation between dolphins, nature and the people that live around these areas. Sometimes it is possible to observe a person authorized by IBAMA having some time with dolphins, swimming and giving them some food (fish).

Dinner on board, after a walk tour of town to experience the nightlife of Novo Airão. Overnight on board in hammocks or cabins.

Early departure to Manaus following the same itinerary and looking for activities and interests the group may have along the way. Our goal is to be back by the end of the afternoon to transfer you to a hotel of your choice.

Details for better use of your experience

  • At the flood season (April, May and June): The tours are mostly forays through the Igarapés and Igapós;
  • In the dry season (October, November and December): Ecological walks along the trails of Parna and tours through waterfalls and rapids.

Accommodation: As it is a private trip, the boat can be selected according to the client's preferences

  • Regional boats accommodated with hammocks or cabins with air conditioning and private bathroom;
  • Yachts with capacity for small groups up to 10 pax/larger up to 32 pax.


  • Regional boat with SGL or DBL cabins;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Private bathroom.

What is included

  • Transfers In and Out to the Amazon Turtle Lodge;
  • Private bungalow (SGL/DBL/TPL);
  • Accommodation on beds with mosquito nets;
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • During meals: mineral water and seasonal fruit juices;
  • All tours mentioned on programme;
  • English or Spanish speaking tour guides.

What is not included

  • Travel insurance of any kind;
  • Alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, which can be arranged per your request for moderate consumption.

What to bring in the backpack

We recommend a medium Backpack, which will be used during your jungle adventure, with the following items:

Travel insurance

  • Due to the extreme nature and risks associated with these trips, we strongly recommend that you take individual travel insurance that reflects your personal and family histories;
  • We inspect the vessels we work with regularly, and carry safety, first aid, and emergency equipment on board;
  • We are also connected with logistics for patient removal by helicopter services available in the region if needed;
  • For your trip, we will also be carrying a low refrigeration antidote for snakebites. It is very unlikely that we will need it, but we take every precaution available to us;
  • Manaus has two very good hospitals, one specializing in tropical medicine;
  • We assume no responsibilities for lost or damaged items and personal equipment and gear during the trip, unless it happens by negligence from our part.

Passport, vaccinations and health report

We will need copies of the picture page of your passport and vaccination cards. Recommended that you take the yellow fever shot and bring medications for any existing previous conditions you may have. I am personally against taking the malaria pill, and there is no proof of its effectiveness.

The side effects can also be greater than the symptoms sometimes, and there are very few cases detected in a single year, but it this is ultimately your choice. Please let us know of any existing conditions you may have that we should be aware of, such as allergies, diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems. We will keep this information confidential.

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