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Private Cruises

Hélio Gabriel


Comfortable structure, fully equipped so that you can feel the thrill of seeing beautiful landscapes and exploring the Negro and Solimões rivers along your adventure in the Amazon.


Modern design with high nautical technology, and the infrastructure of a large yacht. With total security, comfort and sophistication. The Yacht has 20 suites on 3 decks.


18 noble suites, with double bed, hot water, TV, surround sound and extra single bed
2 Master suites, with double bed, TV, surround sound and extra single bed
Restaurant / Kitchen
Video room
Entertainment and Leisure Area
Sewage treatment system
Equipped with a 650 Hps Scania engine
2 Kuhler generator sets of 125 kvas
Satellite communication
On-board radar, GPS, and UHF / VHF radio

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